People LOVE Dr Hops!!

Love begins with fully (and radically) accepting people and circumstances exactly the way they are and exactly the way they are not.  This is not giving up.  It takes great courage and integrity.  Standing in “all is perfect”, we lovingly give ourselves over to that which inspires, touches, moves, and fulfills us.


Dr Hops Supports the Athletic Community!

We recognize and appreciate the interconnectedness of all things.  We strive to be empowering and honoring to all of earth’s creatures.  We foster open communication, collaboration, and a team-oriented dynamic.  And we are deeply grateful for the opportunity and accept whatever we get.


Dr Hops Goes Big!

Creating something good is worthwhile.  Creating something awesome is divine.  We are out to awe, amaze, inspire, delight, and fulfill.  For this we must constantly innovate.  For this we must lead and create.  For this we must tap into the true, unfathomable, power that lies within us all, and just let that lead the way.


We stand for a world that works, a world where people trust each other, work together, and thrive in community.  For this we need integrity: Nothing hidden, being open and honest.  Doing what we say we will do, what we know to do, and what others expect of us, and when we fail, dealing with the impact and creating a bold new future.

Come on!

Dr Hops Uses Only Whole, Fresh Ingredients