Crafted through true fermentation and organic fruit infusions.  We never filter or pasteurize and we never use flavorings or additives.

It's NOT really beer, at least not in the traditional sense.  We use no grains, and there's none of the maltiness or bitterness of beer.  We do use hops, but almost entirely for aromatics and complexity.  Our hops are never boiled and impart only a very subtle bitterness.

It IS really kombucha, which is a cultured, probiotic tea.  The probiotics, (especially lactobacillus bacterium, including casei & plantarum), are there to benefit your body.  We craft our kombucha for tartness, and to minimize vinegar tastes.  We do a second fermentation on our kombucha to produce the higher alcohol levels which makes our beverage legally a beer.

High Sierra mountain water

+  whole-leaf, organic teas

+  raw, organic sugars

+  our own, lactobacillus-rich kombucha culture

+  the very best fruits, herbs, ginger, spices, and hops

=  the world's most delightful, high-alcohol kombucha


Dr Hops Kombucha Beer