Dr Hops Kombucha Beer. Tart, aromatic, grain-free, probiotic, 8-10% abv.

The Health-Conscious Alcohol Revolution

Dr Hops Kombucha Beer


Cultured, Probiotic Tea

Hopped Up by a Couple Crafty California Brewers


Naturally Gluten-Free


5-10% Alcohol.




Berkeley Bowl, 2020 Oregon St, Berkeley

Berkeley Bowl West, 920 Heinz Ave, Berkeley

Alameda Natural Grocery, 1650 Park St, Alameda

Cordial Bottle Shop, 1111 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro

Estudillo Produce & Deli, 1305 MacArthur Blvd, San Leandro


Good for your belly. 

Good for your buzz.





Tastings & Demos Are Coming!

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Core Product Lineup:


8% abv


Like a juicy IPA only kombucha!  Heavily dry-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Cryo-Cascade.  Tart tropical-citrus-guava-kumquat punch with a farmhouse finish.

4g sugar / 8oz serving


6% abv

The Lop

Tart, refreshing pomegranate chai.  A tantalizing and balanced blend.  Prominent grapefruit notes.  95% organic with a magical, fresh orchard finish. 

6g sugar / 8oz serving


9% abv

The Jackalope

Fervent ginger, lime and mint.  Fresh-pressed, probiotic tartness.  Prominent ginger heat.  95% organic with a fun-loving farmhouse finish. 

5g sugar / 8oz serving


5% abv


"Punches you in the face" freshness.  Fields of fresh basil and lemongrass.  A touch of enlivening ginger and an air-born twitch of lemony tartness. 

5g sugar / 8oz serving


Incredibly Fresh.

Delightful to Drink.

Packed with Life-Giving Nutrients.


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Join our beverage revolution.

We are just getting started and are building our team.  This is an awesome time to partner up with us!  We are especially interested in:

  • Financial partners with a passion for authentic beverages and brands
  • Brewers with a love for kombucha and some serious can-do drive
  • Business administrators with a knack for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Yoga & fitness partners for epic events and collaborations
  • Urban farming partners to help us set up our growing operations
  • Great east bay real estate for our life-enhancing business
  • Sales accounts that are a match for our products and values

Regardless of whether you fit here or not, if you have a passion for life, a love for the earth, and a gift for making things happen, let's talk. 


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